Bal Swan Mission, Values & Philosophy

Our Mission

At Bal Swan Children's Center, we impart lifelong skills to equip individuals in making a significant and sustained impact on humanity.

Our Values

Bal Swan Children's Center embraces the following values to guide our services:

  • Providing a caring, nurturing environment
  • Strive for unequivocal excellence
  • Pioneer services that meet the needs of our community
  • Embrace children with all abilities

Our Philosophy

There are four main cornerstones to the “Bal Swan Way” that have made it successful since 1963. They are inclusion, interdisciplinary teaming, individualized education, and love.

Inclusion: We strive to maintain our classrooms with 1/3 children with special needs and 2/3 children with typical needs. Bal Swan believes that children provide a synergy of learning within groups of varying abilities and ages. This synergy occurs when children help teach their classmates skills which, in learning theory, is one of the best ways for mastery of skills. Our children with special needs have typical models that encourage them to do things that do not occur naturally in a classroom solely comprised of children with special needs. In turn, our children develop a sense of compassion and understanding about diversity that is greatly needed in today’s society. These same synergies occur with younger and older children. It has been said that Bal Swan children can be picked out in the school system because of their wonderful acceptance of others.

Interdisciplinary Teaming to Educate the Whole Child: Bal Swan uses a team approach to educate our students. Our teachers partner with our therapy staff (which includes speech, occupational, and physical therapists) to develop an environment where all children’s needs have the best chance of being met. Bal Swan also has a psychologist that may work on your child’s team. These teams meet regularly to discuss and facilitate your child’s growth and development. Bal Swan values the parent as the child’s life-long teacher. Our parents are vital parts of these interdisciplinary teams. There are several scheduled parent-teacher conferences, informal meetings (as needed), and student profile and assessment documents that help Bal Swan parents and staff share information about the child. This team approach is a service that benefits all of our students, as our teachers and parents have more resources to enhance and manage their child’s growth and development.

Individualized Education: At Bal Swan we focus on each individual child’s developmental needs. Whether it is physical, language, social/emotional, or cognitive, our teachers assess each child’s needs, develop goals, and work towards achieving them. Each classroom uses Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment to plan and track our students’ growth. This is a combined assessment and curriculum that 70% of the Colorado educational community has adopted to assess each student’s growth and development. We love the program, and you will too!

Love: This is something that cannot be measured or described but it must be mentioned. So many people believe there is a feeling of love and caring that can be felt when you enter our center. We believe it comes from the dedicated team of staff that is the heart of Bal Swan.