The Creative Curriculum & Assessment

The Creative Curriculum, one of the country's leading evidence-based, comprehensive curriculum for preschools serving children from birth to age 5, is the curriculum base that Bal Swan uses to prepare your child for Kindergarten and life. The Creative Curriculum is one of 5 curriculums that the Colorado Department of Education has approved for its state funded preschools. Bal Swan and Boulder Valley School District have both chosen the Creative Curriculum as a cornerstone for our education of young children.

The creators of the Creative Curriculum have published information about this curriculum. The following informational documents are for parents who would like to learn more about the curriculum and assessment that Bal Swan uses in our classrooms.

Research Foundation: Teaching Strategies GOLD™ Assessment System. This document explains the evidence that supports the Creative Curriculum. It is a long but informative read. Click the title to review.

Objectives for Development & Learning. The two-page document lists the skills that are assessed by the Creative Curriculum to ensure your children are ready for Kindergarten. Click the title to review.