Pyramid Model Framework

The Pyramid Model intentionally teaches children pro-social behavior like the ability to solve conflicts, express emotions instead of repressing them, lead and follow in peer groups, and the ability to make friends. All of these behaviors have been shown as predictive variables in successful children in Kindergarten and life.

Bal Swan partners with the The Colorado Center for Social Emotional Competence and Inclusion at the University of Colorado at Denver to implement the Pyramid Model for Promoting Social and Emotional Development for Young Children. Through this partnership Bal Swan has become a state and national demonstration site for the Pyramid Model. In 2011 & 2012, Bal Swan hosted several state, regional, and national leaders within the Division of Child Care, universities, and non-profits serving young children. The governor’s office even sent members of the Republic of South African Parliament that were touring Colorado to review innovative early childhood practices to bring back to their country.

The creators of the Pyramid Model have published information about this framework. The following informational documents are for parents who would like to learn more about the Pyramid practices that Bal Swan uses in our classrooms.

The Pyramid Model Visual Handout:  This one-page document has a visual and descriptive summary of the components of the Pyramid Model.

The Pyramid Model Fact Sheet and Overview: This four-page document describes the components of the Pyramid Model.