Social Emotional Competence of Children

Children who attend high quality early childhood educational environments, like Bal Swan, get support for healthy social emotional development in many ways. They learn how to identify their feelings, empathize with feelings of others, share emotions appropriately, and problem solve with peers and adults. When children have these skills to bring home, they affect the way they interact with their families and how others interact with them.

We have been investing time and money into making social emotional competence a priority! Since 2006, Bal Swan has become one of the nation’s foremost preschools using the Pyramid Model for Promoting the Social and Emotional Development of Infants and Young Children.

We are committed to intentionally teaching all children these life changing skills that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Knowledge of child development and parenting

Parents with knowledge about parenting and their own child's development have more appropriate expectations and use more developmentally appropriate guidance techniques. We have a wealth of knowledge about child development that we can and do share with our parents.

Bal Swan has created and/or provides the following programs to give our parents the information they need to change the lives of their families in a profound and positive way.

Positive Solutions for Parents: A six-week workshop that will provide support and strategies for parents, many of which we implement at school. This home/school connection makes this workshop really unique. This program occurs four times a year and includes child care so both parents can attend together.