Bal Swan Children's Center
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Bal Swan is proud to announce a Level 5 Rating from Colorado Shines -- the highest level attainable. Congratulations to the staff of Bal Swan for their dedication and hard work.

Welcome to the

Bal Swan family.

Your time with us will nurture and enrich your life and ours.

Did you know that Bal Swan is considered by many Colorado and National early childhood leaders as one of the best preschools in Colorado?

We are committed to making a significant and sustained impact on humanity. We achieve this by striving to provide caring nurturing environments, excellence in all we do, and pioneering services for our families, all while embracing children of all abilities.

This website will evoke the essence of what the Bal Swan family has lived since our creation as a non-profit organization in 1963.  

We invite you to find out why Bal Swan is considered one of Colorado’s best preschools. Are you a New Parent, Current Family, a member of the Early Childhood Education Community, parent in need of Therapy Services, or a Donor? Click on the previous links or use the menu bar above to start your journey.

Contact us by calling 303-466-6308. If you are interested in scheduling a tour click on, “Schedule A Tour Now!” to contact Bal Swan for your personal on-site tour.